How to Root LG X Power with One Click Tool

Rooting has become a very easy task these days but still carries a lot of risk as it can brick your LG X Power within seconds, Rooting now a days can be done through any of the good and famous software which is very easy, you just need to follow the steps given below and you will understand how you can root your LG X Power.

Rooting your android smart phone makes it excel in everything; it can make the processing of the smartphone more powerful than ever because the stock smartphone comes with its genuine specifications but if you modify it, it can increase the performance which is a great utility.


Requirements to Root LG X Power

how to root lg x power

1: Make sure that you make a complete backup of your LG X Power as it is precautionary and for safety purposes because if you lose the device you still would have access to the data if you have backed it up to your personal computer or somewhere you wanted.

2: Make sure that your smartphone’s battery is fully charged as it is very important and it is for safety purposes as if your LG X Power shits down during the process, you would lose your LG X Power because the process would not be completed, make sure that it is fully charged or at least minimum 50 to 60 percent.

3: Deactivate all of the security programs like anti viruses because if they are turned on during the process they will keep interrupting you about the illegal process you are going through, so make sure that you disable them before starting the process or you will be interrupted again and again in the entire process.

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Simple Steps to Root LG X Power

1: Enable the USB debugging from the settings, by first enabling the developer options by tapping on the build number under about phone, more than 5 tines which will enable the developer options. Now from developer options enable the USB debugging.

One Click Root

2: Download ‘’One Click Root’’ by this link or you can also search it on the, and make sure that you are downloading the latest version of it as only the latest version is bug free and error free.

3: When downloaded, install it on your computer and follow the next step.

Connect Smart phone with computer

4: Connect your smartphone with the computer by using an original cable and make sure that it is not faulty, because if it is then it has the chances of disconnecting while being used, which will brick the LG X Power android smart phone, so make sure that cable is genuine and without any fault.

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5: Open the One Click tool and click on start which will start the procedure of rooting.

6: It may take some time, but when done it will automatically restart your LG X Power android smart phone which will mean that your device has been rooted now.

7: Download ‘’Rooting Checker’’ to confirm if your LG X Power has been rooted or not.

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