How to Root Moto E 2nd Gen

In this article we are going to provide you with a step by step guide on how to root your Moto E 2nd Gen. Rooting a device helps you a lot with your daily tasks, by rooting you can increase the processing speed, and you can install many of the tweaks which are not allowed in the factory phones. Rooting a Moto E 2nd Gen makes it more powerful than a normal stock phone; the benchmark result can also be increased by increasing the processing speed, in easy words, ROOTING IS VERY USEFUL.

In this step, you won’t need a computer. Just make a backup of your Moto E 2nd Gen on your pc and that’s it. Rooting process does not require PC in this process. Everything can be done from the smartphone itself.

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WARNING: Rooting your device voids its warranty which means you won’t be able to claim the warranty afterwards unless you un-root your Moto E 2nd Gen for which you can search on Google. Rooting is a risky procedure and you can lose your device to it, DO AT YOUR OWN RISK, we are not responsible for any damage that may occur to your phone after applying this task.

Follow the Step by Step Guide to Root Moto E 2nd Gen

1: Make sure that the battery of your phone is charged above 50 percent as the phone should not shut down due to low battery during the rooting process or you will lose your phone because it will be bricked.

2: Make a complete backup of your Moto E 2nd Gen and make sure that your data is safe somewhere as a backup because even if you lose your device during the process, you could at-least use the saved data. Although this is not a data-loss procedure and has been tried before by the users but still it is precautionary to make a backup for the safety purposes.

3: Download the SuperSU file from the following link, Download Super SU, and save this package on your desktop.

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4: Copy the Zip file in your smartphone’s internal memory and save it there and make sure you save it somewhere from where it can be easily found afterwards.

5: Turn your Moto E 2nd Gen off and turn it on in boot loader mode, by clicking and holding the home, volume up and power button all together at the same time.

6: You can unlock the boot loader from this official site of Motorola, Click Here .

7: After this, again turn your phone on into boot-loader mode.

8: Click on TWRP recovery, and select the zip file of SuperSu from there and install that in your Moto E 2nd Gen.

9: It will take some time and your Moto E 2nd Gen may restart after the process is completed.

Congratulations, you have successfully rooted your Motorola smartphone.

You can install any free rooting access checker application to verify that you have got the rooting permissions or not, just click the link to download checker application > Click Here

If you have any questions regarding the rooting method of Moto E 2nd Gen or you have question about the process then do not hesitate and ask away in the comments section, we will try to reply to you as soon as possible.


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