How to Root Nexus 5 and Unlock Bootloader

Today in this article we are going to teach you the way of root Nexus 5 and how to unlock bootloader of this android smartphone mobile by following some simple steps and downloading common root tools.

Nexus 5 Specs and Features

  • 5.0 inches of High-Definition display.
  • 8MP of primary camera and 2 MP of secondary camera.
  • 2GB ram and 16GB of storage.
  • 2300 mAh Li-po battery.

“If you root your device, you won’t be able to claim its warranty as rooting voids it warranty. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.”

How to Root Nexus 5 and Unlock Bootloader

Rooting your device makes it much more powerful that’s why people like to root their devices.Once you root you can have customized rom’s, customized tweaks and much more.

Caution: Where rooting has its benefits, rooting your Nexus 5 is risk as well. When you root your device you have a risk to lose all of your data and the worst part is you can have a bricked device. There is nothing you can do about a bricked device, it’s the worst stage which happens when the phone does not accept the root or you do something wrong. So follow this guide accordingly.

Requirements to Root and Unlock BootLoader of Nexus 5

  • Make sure your phone is charged above 50 percent as it is necessary because rooting a Nexus 5 is a time taking process.
  • Make a full/complete backup of your data so even if something goes wrong your data is at least saved.
  • Enable USB debugging mode by following this path: Settings-> Developer options-> USB debugging.
    If you are not able to find developer options then turn it on by tapping on build number under about phone in settings several times.

How to Root Nexus 5 and Unlock Bootloader Steps

  1. Download CF-Autoroot from the following link > Download CF Root Application
  2. Download the zip file from bottom of the page.
  3. Extract the zip file by winrar or any other extracting software you like.
  4. Boot your device in bootloader mode by clicking and holding the power and volume down key at the same time.
  5. Launch CF-Autoroot and connect your Nexus 5 with your computer with an original data cable as its necessary that the USB cable should work fine because if the link between the computer and mobile disconnects during the procedure you can have a bricked device.
  6. In CF-autoroot go to the folder where you unzipped the file and open command prompt.
  7. Type ”root-windows.bat”.
  8. The command window will unlock the bootloader first as commanded.
  9. After giving this command you just have to wait for the magic. It will root your Nexus 5, you just have be patient and wait for a bit and don’t use your phone just let it root.

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To check or confirm the rooting access of your device just install any free root checker application from google play store and it will confirm the rooting access of your Nexus 5 android smartphone mobile.

If you have any questions, comment the below. Our team will response to them in a short period of time.


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