How to Root Nokia Lumia 635 without PC

In this post we are going to tell you that how to root your Nokia Lumia 635, as rooting a smartphone android device lets it become a best of itself with the same specifications but it is illegal and voids your warranty so be careful about that. Rooted device lets you increase the processing speed, lets you use more of the available space on RAM that is not available on factory phones.

How to Root Nokia Lumia 635 without PC

Rooted phones gives you a lot of pleasure, in my personal experience of rooting a smartphone, I have enjoyed a lot. Rooting access makes your device a hardcore device from inside, you can install different kind of tweaks and they are a lot helpful in your daily usage. Rooting access to your Nokia Lumia 635 device makes it more comfortable to use.

WARNING: If you root your device, it will void it’s warranty and you won’t be able to claim it afterwards unless you un-root Nokia Lumia 635.

Step by Step guide to Root Nokia Lumia 635

1: Make a complete backup of your device on your computer and make sure that your personal data is safe on your PC, as this is not a data loss procedure but still its precautionary to make a backup.

2: Make sure that your Nokia Lumia 635 is charged above the 50 percent to 70 percent charging level and not below that because if the battery is low and the phone turns off during the process, the device will get bricked and you will lose your device and the data in it. Rooting is a very sensitive process, do it with a lot of care.

3: (If you have enabled internet on your smart then Skip this step) Connect your Nokia Lumia 635 to computer by using an original data cable and make sure it’s not a faulty one as if it is a faulty one it will disconnect in between the method which will brick your device because rooting a phone is a very dangerous and sensitive process as told earlier, even you should not use the device for normal things while rooting.

4: Download the rooting application from this link to your computer or smart phone device, if you have downloaded it on your computer then move it to your Nokia Lumia 635 android smartphone.
Download TowelRoot APK
and install the APK on your mobile, you can also search on Google for the latest versions as the latest one is Bug/virus free.

5: After installing the rooting software run the application on your Nokia Lumia 635 android smart phone.

6: Now just tap on big button in TowelRoot application screen window “Make it Ra1n”, Towelroot application will start process of getting root access.
Towelroot Root Button

7: After the process is completed, your Nokia Lumia 635 android device may restart, do not worry about it because it is the part of process.After the device has restarted, download and install ROOT CHECKER from play store and run it, it will tell you the status that the device has been rooted or not, if yes then well and good but if not then go through the process again without thinking about it.

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If you have any kind of questions about Nokia Lumia 635 then comment below and we will try to reply as soon as possible.


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