How to Root OnePlus One Android Smartphone

Hello guys, In this tutorial post we are going to tell you that How to Root OnePlus One Android Smartphone easily through kingroot application tool. Rooting a smartphone makes it more powerful and when it’s a one plus you are going to root, make sure that you are ready to use the most powerful phone in the word because oneplus one is already a high spec phone and after rooting it will become more powerful.

With rooting we can increase the processing speed and even the ram size with some major tweaks. Tweaks are pretty helpful in our daily lives. In this article, we are going to describe the way of rooting your OnePlus One, so read carefully if you want to root your phone properly because rooting a phone is a risky task and can brick your device which cannot be repaired.

How to Root OnePlus One Android Smartphone

WARNING: If something happens to your OnePlus One we are not responsible for it as rooting a device is a pretty risky task and you are going to do it at your own risk. Rooting voids the warranty of the device, so you will not be able to claim the warranty after rooting your OnePlus One, you will have to un-root it.

Follow the following steps to Root OnePlus One

1: Make a complete backup of your OnePlus One device properly on your personal computer and make sure that it is safe there because data is very important for everyone and if you lose that then you lose everything, since rooting is a risky task so make a complete backup of your OnePlus One.

2: Charge your smartphone’s battery well before starting the procedure as this process could take time and it is important that the battery is charged because if the OnePlus One device turns off during the procedure then you could brick your OnePlus One device so be careful.

3: Disable all the antivirus programs because they interfere in the rooting process and it takes more time to root your device if there is an antivirus program installed, so disable the program before it gets involved i the procedure.

4: Enable the unknown sources from security under settings to allow the installation of programs other than from the play store.

5: Download King Root directly to your phone from the following site, Download KingRoot
or download it by searching on Google, just make sure that you download the latest version as it is bug free and does not gets stuck in between the procedure.

6: Run the program on your OnePlus One android smart phone device ad it will show the message of ”Root access is unavailable”.

7: Click on ”start root” button and let it do is work and don’t you worry if the OnePlus One device restarts because it is the part of procedure.

8: Once the procedure is finished, it will show the message of ”Root Successful” which means that your device has been rooted now.

9: Download ”Root Checker‘ from the play store or from APK file and install it on your OnePlus One android smart phone device for checking if your device has really been rooted or not, if not then start with the procedure again as sometimes the first time, smartphone does not get the source code of files and remain un-rooted.

Congratulations, your device has been rooted now.

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