How to Root Oppo T29 Android Smartphone

Here in this post we are going to tell you hat how you can easily root your Oppo T29 Android Smartphone through Iroot rooting tool. When you want to root your phone, it simply means that you want to use the extra power your phone is capable of but is not available in the factory settings of the phone, this is just like modifying a car.

When you modify a car you make it more powerful, same is the case with rooting. You just root your Oppo T29 by some software or TWRP recovery or with any way you like to make it more powerful like more processing speed, more ram size, more themes, more tweaks which help you in your daily lives.

So we are going to describe how to do that (ROOT) with your Oppo T29 with the help of software, follow the steps below:

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Steps to Root Oppo T29 through Iroot Application

How to Root Oppo T29 Android Smartphone

1: Charge your smartphone’s battery well before you go through with this procedure because battery life is the most important aspect in this procedure as if the Oppo T29 shuts down due to battery or due to any reason during the process , you might lose your device which means it can be bricked.

2: Make a complete backup of your Oppo T29 and make sure that you keep it safe somewhere like your personal computer, when a backup is made your data stays safe as this rooting process is risky and you could lose your data while doing it so be careful.

3: Disable all the antivirus software’s that are installed in your Oppo T29 android smartphone or your computer because they interrupt the process of rooting as rooting is risky so antivirus software’s does not allow it. Disable all the software’s.

4: Enable USB debugging from the developer options in settings, to do that you will first have to enable the developer options, for that you need to tap on the build number more than 5 times. Then after enabling developer options, you need to enable USB debugging from the developer options.

5: Download OPPO USB drivers from the following link, Download Oppo T29 USB Drivers
or search on Google for the latest drivers.

6: Download iRoot from the following site, and install it in your PC, then launch it. Download IRoot Tool

7: Now connect your smartphone to the computer with the original USB cable as they are not fault and stay connected , but the fake ones dis-connect in-between the process because they are made of low quality.

8: After launching the application, click on ROOT button and it will start the procedure, when it started, be patient and relax for a bit and let it do its work. The smartphone might restart a few times while the process is happening.

9: When it will be completed, a message will pop up saying ‘’RootComplete’’ which means that your Oppo T29 android smartphone has successfully been rooted.

10: Download ‘Rootchecker’’ from the play store to see if the Oppo T29 android smartphone has really been rooted or not because if not then, go through with the steps again to root your Oppo T29 android smartphone.

Congratulations, you have successfully rooted your Oppo T29 android smartphone.



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