How to Root Samsung Galaxy A6

Rooting a Samsung smartphone is a very risky task because the rom running on Samsung is very sensitive and if something happens to it; your Samsung Galaxy A6 device can be bricked. Make sure that you follow the step by step guide below to root your smartphone because if anything even tiniest goes wrong, you could lose your whole device which would be very sad to see. Rooting is always a risk, but it is also fun when you Samsung Galaxy A6 device has successfully been rooted.

Warning: Rooting voids the warranty; you would not be able to claim the warranty afterwards.

Follow the Step by step Guide to Root Samsung Galaxy A6

How to Root Samsung Galaxy A6

1: Make a complete backup of your Samsung Galaxy A6 device on your computer as it is a risky task which you are going to do and a backup of your data is very important as your data will be safe in the computer in the form of backup even if something wrong happens with the device and it gets bricked.

2: Charge your phone’s battery above the 60 percent level as this is a time taking process and could take a lot more time than you have thought of, also the Samsung Galaxy A6 android smart phone device should not turn off during the process because if it does so, you will lose everything and it will be bricked.

3: Disable all the antivirus programs which are installed in your computer or your smartphone because they do not let us root our devices, antivirus consider it a risk and keeps notifying us and disturbing us while we are rooting our devices so turn it off.

4: Download Samsung USB drivers from this link, Download Samsung Galaxy A6 USB Drivers
or by searching on Google.

5: Enable the developer options, by tapping on the build number under about phone more than 5 times.

6: Enable USB debugging from this path, SETTINGS->DEVELPER OPTIONS-> USB DEBUGGING.

7: Download Odin software from this link, Download Odin Tool and download TWRP recovery from this link, Download TWRP Recovery. Once downloaded, launch the ODIN application.

8: Enter your smartphone into download mode by pressing and holding the Power Button, Volume Button and Home Button.

9: Connect your Samsung Galaxy A6 android smart phone with a genuine USB cable when in download mode; make sure that the cable is not faulty, because if the link between the two dis-connects in between, you would lose your device.

10: Odin will show the ‘’ADDED’’ message.

11: Click on the AP button and search for the download TWRP file, select it.

12: Click on start and it will start the rooting procedure. It may take some time, as the rooting takes a lot of time and also may restart your Samsung Galaxy A6 while the process is happening, so do not worry about it.

13: It will one last time restart and after that your Samsung Galaxy A6 will be rooted.

14: Download ‘Root Checker’’ from the play store to confirm if the smart phone is really rooted or not. If not then you can once more apply the procedure on your device.

Congratulations, you have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy A6.


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