How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

I am writing this article to let the users of Samsung galaxy note 4 know how to root their devices, as rooting makes a device more powerful than the stock version of it. I will tell you by a step by step guide that how to get root-access on your Samsung galaxy note 4. Rooting an android smart phone is a risky task so be careful while doing it because if you do something wrong, you can end up with a bricked device and that is really not worth all the risk. Follow the steps given below to make your android smart phone more powerful than ever.

Step by Step guide to Root Samsung Galaxy Note 4

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note 4?

(Before going through with the procedure, make sure that you have unlocked the boot-loader of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, you can search for its procedure on Google and do that if you have not done it before)

1: Make sure that before getting started with the rooting process, you backup whole of data to a safer place like your personal computer, because although this is not a data loss procedure but still it is a risky task and you can have a bricked device if something goes wrong.

2: Your smartphone’s battery should be charged to a certain level, like minimum 50 percent because if the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 shuts down during the process then you would have a bricked device. So make sure that the battery is charged before going through the procedure.

3: Turn the USB debugging mode on by following this path, SETTINGS-> DEVELOPER OPTION->USB DEBUGGING. You also need to enable Developer options first, follow the next step to make that happen.

USB Debugging

4: You can enable developer options by tapping on the build number more than 5 times.

5: Download SuperSU file from this link, and save this package on your desktop.

Download Supersu

6: Connect your smartphone to the computer with a help of a USB cable and make sure that the USB cable is not faulty because if the link between the phone and computer disconnects in-between the process then your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will get bricked and nothing can be done then.

7: Transfer the SuperSu package to your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 android smartphone.

8: Shut your phone down, do not restart it. Just shut it down with the power button simply.

9: Press and hold the power button, volume up button and home button at the same time and you will enter into the recovery mode.

10: When you have entered the recovery mode, click on install and load the rooting software. This may take some time for the process to complete.

11: When the procedure is completed, click on done and return to main menu and click on reboot.

Congratulations, you have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 android smart phone.

Download Root-Checker for the checking purposes, root-checker will check for you weather the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been rooted or not, If not then go through the process again.

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