How to Root Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SM G935T)

Rooting a device is pretty easy task now a days, although it is risky at the same time. You just need a good rooting software and USB cable with which you can connect your smartphone to the computer and you are ready to go. Although it may seem an easy task, but if something goes wrong you can lose a device (Root Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge) as it gets bricked. After reading this article, you can easily get rooting access to you Samsung galaxy s7 edge as we are going to describe how to do that with the help of steps. Follow these steps to root your device.

WARNING: If something goes wrong with your device we are responsible for that, DO AT YOUR OWN RISK. Rooting a device also voids its warranty and you won’t be able to claim it unless you un-root your device.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (SM G935T) Rooting Method

how to roots amsung galaxy s7 edge sm g935t

1: Charge your smartphone above 40 percent as it is mandatory and precautionary at the same time because if the Root Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge turns off during the process due to any reason, one of them being low battery: You can lose your device because it can get bricked.

2: Make a complete backup of your data with the help of backup tools available on internet, and save that backup on your computer so that at-least your data is saved even if something goes wrong with the Root Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

3: Download OneClickRoot from the following link, Download OneClick Root and save this on your desktop.

4: Enable developer options by tapping on the build number 5-7 times under about phone in settings.

5: Enable USB Debugging in your android smart phone Samsung galaxy S7 edge, if you don’t know how to enable it then just follow this instruction, SETTINGS->DEVELOPER OPTIONS->USB DEBUGGING.

6: Connect your smartphone to the computer with the help of a genuine USB cable and not the cheap or fake ones because they are faulty most of the time and disconnect in-between the task which can result in a bricked device.

7: Run OneClickRoot and click on start, wait for the rooting process to complete as it may take some time.

8: After the process is completed, your Root Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will restart itself, don’t get worried if it does restart by itself and let it do whatever the software is making it do. After restarting you have your device rooted.

9: Download ‘RootChecker’’ from the play store and check if the Root Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is rooted or not, if not then you can go through the whole process again as sometimes the smartphone does not catch the rooted files.

Congratulations, you have a rooted device. ENJOY!

Now that you have rooted your Root Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge you can download tweaks, make your processor more powerful and increase the benchmark results. Rooting can make your device more powerful. You can alter the things your way like you always wanted. You can change themes of the firmware by some high quality tweaks.

After reading this article, you may have some questions in your mind. Ask away in the comments section and we will respond.


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