How to Root Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge without PC

Rooting a device is not a difficult task these days as there are many software’s which allow you to root your device with a simple click, in this article I am going to show you the way of rooting your device without using your computer because some people don’t have one or are too lazy to use one. Rooting your device without a computer is also pretty easy; you just need a bunch of software’s for that matter.

Follow the Instructions below to Root your Device

1: Make sure that you have charged your phone above the 50 percent level, if not then charge it first because minimum 50 percent charging is necessary as if the device turns off during the procedure then you could lose your device. Do not go through with the procedure of rooting while its charging, just let it charge first then continue with the process.

how to root samsung galaxy s7 edge without pc

2: Make a backup of all you data in the Cloud application, or One Drive application. It can save whole your data and you won’t be needing a computer for the backup. There are many other applications which will save your data as a backup.

3: Deactivate all the antivirus programs installed in your smartphone as they interrupt the procedure by keep notifying you about the harmful malware detected, which is not true. The rooting software is considered harmful software by all the antivirus programs out there.

4: Enable ‘’Unknown Sources’’ from the settings which will allow you to download software from other than play store. Like if you want to download an application from APK then you will have to first enable this option from settings.

5: Download King Root from the Google, by searching for the latest APK of this software and installing it on your smartphone. Make sure that you download and install the latest version.

6: After the installation, run the application and click on the start button, it will start the rooting procedure, and just let it do its work from now on.

7: It may take some time so be patient, it will run the rooted firmware afterwards which will restart the phone multiple times, so don’t worry while it is restarting, just let it do its work.

8: When done, it will restart for the last time and your device will be rooted.

9: Download ‘’Root checker’’ from the play store to check if the device is rooted or not, if yes then well and good but if not then repeat the above steps and run the application and click on start button again to repeat the procedure.

(Do not factory reset the smartphone while it is rooted or if you do so, you will be left with a bricked device as the rooted firmware will be lost and the firmware will be no longer installed in the device)

Congratulation, you have successfully rooted your device.

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