How to Root SM-J700T – Samsung Galaxy J7 Rooting

Here in this tutorial post we are going to guide you that how you can root your SM-J700T ‘Samsung Galaxy J7 Rooting’ android smart phone through Odin tool. This article is being written for the simple purpose of rooting a Galaxy J7 Smartphone. People root their devices because they want ore out of it.

Rooting your Samsung Galaxy J7 – SM-J700T makes it more powerful than ever. By rooting, you can make many changes in your device like with some high tech tweaks you can even change the ram size, even by some of the major tweaks you can also increase the rom size which is very uncertain because it is impossible in a certain way but rooting allows even these types of tasks too.

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Precautions to Root SM-J700T Samsung Galaxy J7

How to Root SM-J700T - Samsung Galaxy J7 Rooting

Follow all of these precautions because without these your Samsung Galaxy J7 – SM-J700T android smart phone mobile will not be safe while rooting, and we are not to be held responsible for anything that might happen to your device.

1: Make sure that you made a complete backup of your device on your computer or wherever you think it is safe. Just make one because if anything happens to your device while rooting, at least your data will be safe afterwards and you can transfer it to a new device if you buy one when the old one bricks.

2: Make sure that your Samsung Galaxy J7 – SM-J700T is charged above the 60 percent level because rooting is a time taking process and it could consume a lot of battery, and if the device turns off during the process you will lose everything including the Smartphone itself because it bricks the Smartphone if anything wrong happens during the rooting process, so make sure that your Samsung Galaxy J7 – SM-J700T is charged above the usual level.

3: Enable the USB debugging mode by following this path, SETTINGS->  DEVELOPER OPTIONS-> USB DEBUGGING. For some smart phones, you will have to enable the developer options first you can do that by tapping on the build number under about phone in settings 5-7 times.

4: Make sure that when you connect the Samsung Galaxy J7 – SM-J700T android smart phone mobile to the computer, you are using an original data cable. Only the genuine ones work fine, the local and fake ones are faulty which will disturb you when rooting by disconnecting again and again. So make sure that you use an original / genuine cable.

Steps to Root SM-J700T (Samsung Galaxy J7)

1: First you will have to download the rooting software named ODIN from the following site,

Download Odin

2: Download and install this software on your computer.

3: Run the program.

4: Connect your Samsung Galaxy J7 – SM-J700T mobile phone using an original USB cable as told in the precautions.

5: When connected click on the ROOT button to start the rooting process.

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Now you will have to wait for a while as rooting process takes a lot of time and make sure that you do not use your Samsung Galaxy J7 – SM-J700T while rooting because when rooting, the CPU is already in a lot of load and by using it for other tasks it might give some error. S o it is best that you just place it on the table while you sit and wait.

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