How to Root Sony M4 Aqua?

Today’s article we will tell you that How to Root Sony M4 Aqua with the help of one click tool from your windows PC or computer. Rooting makes your device more powerful because rooting allows you to install some of the major high-tech tweaks which even let you increase the processing speed and ram size which increases the results on benchmarks which is great for a normal user. As everyone requires more and more power these days, rooting is the best option for them. In this article, we are going to describe the proper way of rooting your Sony M4 Aqua device so stay focused and root your android smart phone with proper steps written below:


Requirements to Root Sony M4 Aqua

How to Root Sony M4 Aqua?

1: Charge you Sony M4 Aqua well before going through with this procedure because it requires time to perfectly root your device and if the battery drains out during the process you will lose your device which will be very disappointing. So charge your battery well before starting the procedure.

2: Make a complete backup of your device as this is a risky process, and if you lose your device you won’t be able to recover it so it is better if you make a complete backup of your Sony M4 Aqua on your computer or wherever you like to save it.

3: Disable all the security programs because they interrupt the process as rooting is illegal.

How to Root Sony M4 Aqua Step by Step

1: Download One Click Root and install it on your desktop computer.

2: Enable USB debugging mode by first enabling the developer options by tapping on the build number more than 5 times. This will make you a device develop.

3: Then enable USB debugging mode from these developer options.

USB Debugging

4: Connect your smartphone by using an original USB cable and make sure that it is not faulty because if it is then it will dis-connect In between the process and it will cost you a lot as if it disconnects in between, your Sony M4 Aqua will be bricked and you won’t be able to recover anything.

5: After connecting your device, turn it off and boot it into Download mode by pressing and holding the POWER BUTTON, HOME BUTTON AND VOLUME up button.

6: Then run the ONE CLICK tool on your computer and click on RUN or start.

download root genius apk

This will start the procedure and it could take time as rooting takes a lot of time and make sure that you don’t use the device while rooting.  Your Sony M4 Aqua android smart phone may restart a few times as it is the part of procedure.

7: Download Checker application from play store after your Sony M4 Aqua has been rooted. This software will let you know if your device has been rooted properly or not because if not then, do this process again on your device.

8: ONCE completed, restart your device for proper use and this will allow you to use the tweaks for which you rooted your Sony M4 Aqua.

If you want to ask any questions regarding this topic, then leave a comment below.

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