How to Root T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 (N910T)

Rooting a T-Mobile carrier smartphone has a different way than the other versions of the smartphone. Although after rooting you get the same modification which you would get on the other models, People root their devices to get modifications, like bunch of tweaks which help you in your daily usage or to change the themes of the firmware. One can also upgrade his/her device device’s software version with the help of rooting, if the factory update of the software is not available. Rooting your T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is just like modifying your other daily life essentials.

Follow Steps to Root Samsung galaxy Note 4 T-Mobile

How to Root T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 (N910T)

1: First u need to charge your battery above the 50 percent level minimum because rooting a device takes a lot of time and one need to make sure that the your T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note 4 does not shut down during the process or you can lose your device.

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2: A complete backup of your data is required, make one and save it on your computer where it will be safe because if something negative happens to your T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note 4, or worst case scenario; it gets bricked then at least your data will be safe.

Download Odin

3: Download Odin from this link, Click here to Download ODIN and install it on your PC.

4: Download Samsung kies on your PC by this following link, Download Samsung Kies and install the Samsung kies on your PC.

Download Supersu

5: Download CFautoroot package from here, Downooad ChainFire’s Package and make sure you downloaded the correct one.

6: Unzip the auto root-file on your desktop and run the Odin software.

7: Shut down your T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and restart it in recovery mode, by pressing holding the power, volume up and home button as the same time, altogether and you will enter recovery mode.

8: Connect your smartphone to the PC with the help of a USB cable and make sure that it is an original cable and not those cheap or fake ones because they disconnect the link in between the process and whole data could be lost and you could be left with a bricked device.

9: Odin will show the message of ‘’ADDED’’ if you did everything as told in the steps above.

10: Click on the PA option from ODIN and select the Auto root-file placed on your desktop.

11: Select start and the process of rooting your T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note 4 android smart phone will be started, it may take some time so be patient.

After a while, your T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will restart itself without notifying you, be patient and let it restart. After restarting the Odin will show the message of ‘’PASS’’ which means you have successfully rooted your android device.

Download and install ‘Root-Checker’’ from the play store to check if your T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note 4 android smart phone has been rooted or not, if not then follow the above steps again or download the latest version of the software’s which are used in this process.

If you want to talk about anything related to this procedure, comment below.


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