How to Root Vivo X5 Max Plus

Hello guys, Today in this tutorial post of Androidroot.Xyz we are going to tell you that how you can easily get rooting access for your Vivo X5 or X5 max / plus android smart phone device through one click application. Rooting is always a risky task because when you are rooting your device you are really risking it because if something happens to the device while rooting as rooting modifies the firmware which is a huge task, you could simply lose your device.

Rooting is a risky task but fun at the same time, when you are rooted you can modify the features of your device by increasing the processing speed which can also increase the benchmark results, it can also increase the ram size of the smartphone. In today’s world, rooting is very great feature. Follow the steps below to root your device:

Precautions to Root Vivo X5 Max Plus

1: Charge your device well before starting the rooting process, because if the device shuts down before the process ends, it will brick the device because the firmware will not be fully installed. When the device gets bricked, you won’t be able to use it and recover it afterwards.

2: Disable all the antivirus programs from your computer as well as from your device because they keep interrupting the program of rooting by keep notifying you about the harmful procedure you are going through. So instead of ignoring the notifications just disable the antivirus before which will be a lot helpful.

3: Make a complete backup of your device because once the data is safe you will be free of the data loss thought. Now even if you lose your device, you won’t lose the data as it is safe in your computer or wherever you saved the backup.

Steps to Root Vivo X5 Max Plus

How to Root Vivo X5 Max Plus

1: Enable the developer options from the settings by tapping on the build number more than 5 times which will enable the developer options and they will be right above the about phone.

2: Enable the USB Debugging from the developer options and it will let you connect your device to the computer.

3: Download this One Click Root from the following site,

and install it on your computer.

4: Connect your device to the computer with an original USB cable and make sure that it is not faulty as if it is it may disconnect in between the process which will be disappointing as it will brick your device.

5: Run the rooting software and click on ‘’START’’ which will start the procedure.

Now you will have to wait for a while as rooting takes a lot of time, you can wait for a while unless it roots your device. Your device may even restarts a few time, don’t be afraid, this happens to all the devices as it is the part of procedure of rooting.

6: Download ‘’Root Checker’’ from play store, and when downloaded install it. After installing it run it and it will tell you if your device has been really rooted or not, if not then redo the process of rooting from step 4.

Video Tutorial for Rooting Vivo X5 Max Plus through KingRoot

Congratulations, you have rooted your device.


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