How to Root Vivo Y15 through One Click Tool

Before going through the process I should tell you it’s a risky task but enjoyable one it’s done, as I have rooted many of my devices, I can tell that rooting can cost you a lot if your Vivo Y15 gets bricked because there is no guarantee what will happen to your device while rooting and you would not be able to blame the providers of software’s or other people like the article writers. Anything can happen to your Vivo Y15 android smart phone but I am going to give a guide on how to root your device properly. Just follow the step by step guide below to root your device:

Requirements to Root Vivo Y15

1: Make sure that your phone is charged above the 50 percent charging level or even more but not less than this because rooting takes a lot of time and if the Vivo Y15 android smart phone shut down during the process then your device can be bricked.

2: Backup all of your personal data in your personal computer and make sure it is safe, although this process is not a data-loss process but still it is for safety purposes to back up your data.

3: deactivate all of the antivirus programs as they will interrupt you while you are rooting your process and once you disable them, they will not disturb you. They keep notifying you that you are using a harmful software or program.

Setps to Root Vivo Y15 through One Click Tool

How to Root Vivo Y15 through One Click Root

1: Enable the USB debugging mode by first enabling the developer options of the Vivo Y15 android smart phone, which you can enable by tapping on the build number of the Vivo Y15 multiple times like 5 to 7 times. After enabling the developer options, enable the USB debugging from the developer options now.

2: Download OneClickRoot from the following link, OneClickRoot or search on Google for the latest version of, just make sure that you download the latest version because latest versions of every software is bug free which is easy to use.

3: Now connect your Vivo Y15 android smart phone to the computer with an original / genuine cable and make sure that the cable you are using is not faulty (Does not have any fault in it) because faulty cables disconnect in between the procedure which is very risky as if this happens you could lose your Vivo Y15.

4: Now run the software and put your smartphone into download mode by pressing and holding the POWER BUTTON, HOME BUTTON and VOLUME UP BUTTON.

5: Run the software and click on ‘’ROOT’’ which will start the rooting procedure.

6: Once the procedure is started, your Vivo Y15 android smart phone may restart a few time, don’t be afraid, nothing wrong is happening. It is just a part of the procedure.

When restarted the last time, your Vivo Y15 will be rooted.

7: Download ‘’ROOTCHECKER’’ from the play store to check if your Vivo Y15 android smart phone has really been rooted or not, because if not then try to do it again with the similar procedure.

Congratulations, you have rooted your Vivo Y15 android smart phone.


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