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How to Take Screenshots on Android Device?

Taking screenshots is very important these days for the users; every device has its own way of taking the screen shots. Today in this article, we are going to give you a proper guide on how you can take screenshots on your android device.

I was using Motorola droid turbo a few months back, and I wanted to take a screenshot of a document as it was very important for me and I wanted to save the picture of it so that even if I lose the document, I still would have the picture, which is a big advantage of this screenshot feature but anyhow I could not take the screenshot I tried many options but nothing would work, I finally found how to take a screenshot after some time and though of sharing this with the people as if I could not find the option, many people would be trying but after reading this article you would be able to take the screenshot very easily.

Just Watch this Image and you will understand how to take a screenshots on most Android Devices.

How to Take Screenshots on Android Device?

Requirements Before Start:

Make sure that your power and other mechanical buttons work and have no issue in them.

Follow the Steps below to take the Screenshot

1: Go to the screen, of which you want to take the screenshot.

2: Press and hold, POWER BUTTON and VOLUME DOWN.

3: Swipe down the notification bar and click on Screenshot captured.

You have successfully taken the screenshot and saved it in the gallery.

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Now some of the android devices have a different way and they do not have the same features, in those devices the steps to take a screenshot is not the same. An example of those devices is: Lenovo ZUK, if you have smartphones like these then follow the steps below:

1: Unlock the device.

2: Go to the screen of which you want to take the screenshot.

3: Swipe up from the bottom which will open the menu bar, just like the notification bar.

4:  There will be an option saying ‘’Screenshot’’, click on that.

5: This will take the screenshot of that device, you will be asked to ‘’Save’’ or ‘’Ignore’’ that screenshot.

6: Click on save and it will be saved in the gallery.

You have successfully taken the screenshot.

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Advantages of Screenshots:

1: Even if you lose the document stored in your mobile phone, and you still have the screenshot of that document, you can still use the picture for the documenting purpose.

2: If you want to show something on your screen to someone, you can just screenshot it and send it to them.

3: Screenshots are just like pictures, they can also be transferred to the computer or other devices just like the pictures.

4: If you want to save someone’s chat but you think it will not stay safe in the application, you can always take screenshots of the whole chat and it will be saved just like pictures.


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