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How to Update Samsung Galaxy Grand i9082 to Lollipop?

Here in this post we are going to guide you that how you can Update Samsung Galaxy Grand i9082 to Lollipop easily with your windows computer. Everyone these days want to update their devices to the newest versions because the newer versions are most bug free and have many fixes than the older versions of the software. In this article we are going to describe how you can update your Galaxy grand to lollipop manually.

There are some of the methods and we are going to describe the most easiest one. Follow the method accordingly and you will update your Samsung Galaxy Grand i9082 in no time without any issues, just follow the precautions carefully.

Precautions to Update Samsung Galaxy Grand i9082 to Lollipop

How to Update Samsung Galaxy Grand i9082 to Lollipop?

1: Make sure that your Samsung Galaxy Grand i9082 is 70 to 80 percent charged because updating  takes a lot of time and if the device turns off during the process due to low battery life, you could lose your device and there is no solution if there comes an error in the hardware. So make sue that it is charged, if not then charge it well before proceeding.

2: You will have to enable USB debugging from the Settings so that your Samsung Galaxy Grand i9082 can be connected to the computer and that can be done by following this path, SETTINGS-> developer options-> USB Debugging.

3: Make a complete backup of your device so that even if you lose the Samsung Galaxy Grand i9082 you would still be able to recover the data because the data is the most important to everyone as the data contains most of the precious data.

Steps to Update Samsung Galaxy Grand i9082 to Lollipop

1: Download the Software from the following link, and place it on the desktop of the computer so that it can be easily found after that.

2: Connect your Samsung Galaxy Grand i9082 to the computer and make sure that the USB debugging is enabled, when connected transfer the file that you downloaded to the device and make sure you place it in the SD card, not in the internal memory of the Samsung galaxy grand.

3: Now that you have transferred the file, SHUT DOWN your device and put it in the recovery mode which means you will have to press and hold the Power, Home, and Volume Up button. You will enter the recovery mode by pressing and holding these buttons.

4: Click on Reset and reboot option and after that click on the Reset and update option and find the file from the SD card and click on install which will start the installation process.

When the installation process is complete, the Samsung Galaxy Grand i9082 will reboot itself and you will see that the device is updated.If not for some reason then you will have to download the software again fro some other site because there might be a problem with the link of that software.

Video Tutorial Regarding Galaxy Grand i9082 to Lollipop Update

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