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How to Use Split Screen on Android?

In this article, we are going to give you a guide on how you can use the split screen functionality in your android device as everyone these days likes multitasking and it is required for many other purposes too. When you are multitasking, it means that you are using more than one application at a time and the device is operating on all those application and working on them. When multitasking it means that you are controlling more than 1 operation at a time, you are using your mind with more than 1 systematic operation.

In this article, we are going to describe how you can split the screen for multitasking on android phone as android is being used by majority of the users and they should know about this feature while they are still using android.

Follow the Steps below to Split the Screen into 2 or More Screens

how to use split screen on android

1: Unlock the device and open menu bar.

2: In the menu bar, select and open the application which you want to split the display with.

3: When the first app is opened, close it and open another app, let the first app keep running in the background.

4: Now you have 2 applications running the background.

5: Click on the recent application button in the display buttons of the device, it will be a square shaped button on the lower right or lower left corner of the device (wherever you have placed it), most of the time it is on the lower right corner.

6: After the multitasking window is opened, press and hold on the top of the first app. While kept pressed, you will see the option of ‘’Drag here to use split screen’’, this will make the first application use only the half of the screen.

7: Now click on the second app and drag it to the lower half.

8: Now the screen is being used by both of the application. You can also resize the applications by dragging the black divider between the two of the applications. Drag that upwards and it will make the second application’s size larger, drag that downwards and it will make the first application’s size larger.

8: Now if you want to open other application and replace it with the first or second application, click on the recent application’s button as you did in the step 5, it will show you the application to select from.

9: Select the application and click on it, it will replace the first or second application whichever you have selected.

10: Now drag the divider to resize the application.

‘’You have successfully learnt how to use the split screen, it is pretty easy once you get used to it, but if you are a new user, it takes time to learn all the features of a single device.’’

You can download multi tasking or split screen applications also from Google play store, here are some links of those apps.
Split Screen Creator + Split Screen Creator

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