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Huawei Nova 3i Common Issues and their Solutions

In this article we are going to explain some of the very common issues / problems and their fixes of the specific model Huawei NOVA 3I. This latest android smartphone has many of the common problems which we are going to discuss about in this article and also their solutions as many people use this device and have many issues with it on daily basis so this is why we are going to explain the problems as well as their solutions because everyone wants a solution to the problem.

Problems and Their Solutions in Huawei Nova 3i

We are also going to tell you the 5 reasons not to buy this android smart phone through video clip so just follow the instructions below to properly solve the issues.

1: Huawei Nova 3i unexpectedly Shutting Down:

This model of Huawei has some great features, and was a major hit when it was released. It received a lot of popularity when it was released but there are some major problems with this device and one of the major issue is that this device shits down un-expectedly, which means that even if you are using the device and not doing anything which might cause the device to shut down, the Huawei Nova 3i will shut down without any reason. This is a major issue as even if the user is on call with someone important or doing something very important on their smart-phone, the device will shut down without any reason. Now there are some solutions to this problem which might remove this issue from your smart-phone.

Huawei Nova 3i unexpectedly Shutting Down

Solutions of unexpectedly Shutting down and Restarting

1: Most of the time this issue occurs if your Huawei Nova 3i start to heat up and the heat can cause the device to restart because increase in the temperature is dangerous so for the security and safety reasons your device might restart if the device is heated up, make sure that you let the device rest to keep this heating problem away which will keep the shutting down problem away.

2: This might be a battery issue, so you need to fully charge your Huawei Nova 3i and let it drain itself; do not use the smart-phone. Let the battery drain itself and when drained then start using the device after charging it again because sometimes the battery needs the new current and let the old one remove from it-self to work better.

3: If the problem still does not go away then you might need to reset your Huawei Nova 3i because sometimes there comes a bug in some application or in your data which can only be removed by resetting your device as resetting wipes out all the data so make sure that you also make a backup of your data before doing so it is at-least saved in your computer or wherever you created the backup.

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2: Screen Stuck Problem

This is also another major problem of this device as the screen gets frozen or you can say stuck anywhere and if the screen is frozen / stuck then you have to wait until the frozen screen gets back to service. This issue is really annoying as if you are doing something important on your Huawei Nova 3i like checking out some online documents through email or something like that and you need to scroll down but cannot as the screen is frozen / stuck, you will want to kill yourself and through the device away. So this is a very major problem and everyone needs to make sure that this issue is erased, to do so you need to follow the instructions below in the solutions:

Screen Stuck Android Phones

How to Fix Screen Stuck Problem

1: Most of the users have claimed that they came to know that there is a problem with the INSTAGRAM application, so not to worry because the application can be updated or even removed, if updating it does not remove the issue, you can always delete it from your Huawei Nova 3i android smartphone.

2: If you find out on which application you get the screen stuck problem, go to settings and in the applications menu clear the application’s cache files on which you get stuck every time.

3: Hard reset your Huawei Nova 3i android smartphone mobile, many of the users have claimed that hard resetting their devices made it work, which means it solved the issue or you can factory reset the device which will delete all the bugs and error which are causing this to happen.

3: Applications Open Slow Problem:

There is also a slow speed problem in this device, which means that the processor works on the tasks given to it very slowly. For example if you open an application, it opens so slowly that you would have completed the work until now in the application, so to speed up the processor you need to follow the solutions given below:

How to Fix Slow Apps Problem

1: First figure out which is the application that opens the slowest because when you find out exactly which application it is, you need to clear out the cache of that application by going into settings and then go into the applications bar from where you can do so.

2: Make sure that you clear the RAM out time from time because if the RAM stays full your Huawei Nova 3i will work slower as it will have a lot of pressure onto it. So clear the RAM out after some time which will increase the performance. Clearing out the RAM is the fuel of your device which we need to do regularly.

4: Applications Crash Issues

There is also the crashing problem which needs to be fixed because it will be really annoying if you are using some application and it suddenly crashes on you. You might be doing some important work so make sure that you solve this problem because someday your applications will crash on you if you do not follow the solutions.

Application Crash Problem Android

How to Fix Applications Crash Issues

1: Go to setting and click on the applications bar then find out the application which just crashed on you and then click on clear cache and clear data which ill delete all the unnecessary files which are not needed for the Huawei Nova 3i and it will make the application work a lot better and will crash afterwards.

2: Delete the application, and then re-install it from the play store.

3: Update the application.

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5 Reasons Not to Buy Huawei Nova 3i

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