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Incoming calls are Not showing on Xiaomi Redmi Devices

Hello guys, today we are going to provide you the fix of Incoming calls are not showing or call popup not coming on Xiaomi Redmi Devices, because we have received many comments about this call problem from our website users and visitors.

Specially this article is for Joseph who is a regular reader of our blog, he write in this comment that “Hello, I have a call problem about incoming calls in my xiaomi redmi device, that when someone calls me, I don’t see the caller screen my android smart phone device, I only see the notification in top notification bar only, and I always drag it down and receive the call, I am in trouble please help me and tell me the solution of this call problem.”

Incoming calls are Not showing on Xiaomi Redmi Devices

So now we are going to provide you the fix / solution of this problem of invisible incoming call caller screen issue.

Simple Tips to Resolve / Fix of Incoming calls (Caller Screen) Not Show Issue on Xiaomi Redmi Devices

1: first of all you don’t need to do anything, just restart / reboot your android smart phone device and after the restart of your android system the problem will be resolved.

2: If the first tip did not resolved your call problem then just try this trick and I am very sure that you will resolve the issue by this simple tip.
Just go to Setting > Apps > find and select “Dialer App” and open it.

Now just remove its cache, remove the data, and force stop / disable this application, and enable dialer app again.

By doing this Incoming calls are not showing (invisible Caller screen issue) will be resolved on your Xiaomi Redmi android smart phone device.

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2nd Method to Show Caller Screen Popup Window

1: first of all go to Settings of your smart phone device.

2: Now here in this setting menu just go to Apps and Notifications.

3: Now you will see here another option of “Notification” just tap on this option.

4: Now here you will again see a “Notification option with bell icon” just tap on it.

5: Now all the apps of your smart phone will be shown here, now you need to find “Phone” option and just tap on it.

6: Now in this menu you will see “Incoming” option, just tap on it.

7: Now here you will see “Importance” just tap on it.

8: After that here you will see 4 options “Urgent, High, Medium and Low”, now you need to select the option of urgent and that’s it.

Now just make a test call to your Xiaomi redmi android smart phone device and you will see the caller screen notification pop up window with sound and the incoming call is showing on your screen beside of notification bar.

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3rd Method to resolve the Issue (Not Recommended)

You can fix this issue by this method also by installing an dialer application from Google play store, but we will not recommend you to follow this method, if you tried the first method and not succeeded then use this method it will also show the caller screen on your Xiaomi Redmi android smart phone devices and incoming call will be showed on your smart phone’s main screen.

1: Just enable the internet on your smart phone device.

2: Now open Google play store and search this term “Dialer”.

3: now you will see many dialer free applications on Google play store screen, just install any dialer application and enable it on your Xiaomi Redmi android smart phone, now make a test call on your phone, and we hope you will see a new caller screen on your smart phone.

Thank you for reading the article and tell us if you have any problem in this method and you can leave your comments about this experience below and if you have any other issue on your android smart phone then you can ask us anytime.


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