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Infinix Hot 4 Pro Problems with Solutions

Infinix Hot 4 pro has many problems/issues. Some of the common problems are WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, Sim and many more. These are fixable and today in this guide we are going to teach you how to fix all these common issues that come in this Chinese android smart phone device.

Infinix hot 4 pro was launched in March 2017, it comes with 5.5 inches of capacitive touchscreen display. It features a 5MP primary camera and a 2MP secondary camera. The processor is a 1.3GHz Quad-core. It features an outclass battery capacity of 4000 mAh. The operation frequency/Band features Dual sim. It comes with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage which is expandable with the help of an SD card which can support up to 32GB.

Some of the issues/problems and their solutions/fixes are given below!

Random Reboot, Battery Drain & Performance Issues

There are many issues with the performance of infinix hot 4 pro. People Google and search for the solution every time they face these issues, most of the performance issues are that the phone shuts down without any reason like you are doing your work or making a call or something and the phone shuts off without any reason. Another main performance issue is that the battery drains way too early like sometimes it does not even remain for an hour. It decreases rapidly without any issue or any usage.

Battery Drain

How to Fix Battery Drain & Reboot Issue of Infinix Hot 4 Pro

Download the greenify app from the play store and launch it, it will list the apps that are always on the roll, you can set them up in the way that they remain closed and not even background refresh themselves, this will make a good effect on your battery life and shutting down of the phone too.

There may be some app which is slowing down the phone, for which you are facing performance issues, so take some of your time out from your busy schedule and make an effort of deleting the apps that you don’t use and make sure there are no apps installed on your phone that you don’t use. Sometimes when we download something an app or software is automatically download with an error that slows down our phone so we should keep an eye on what is installed and what is not.

Overheating Problem in Infinix Hot 4 Pro

Most of the time when we use our phones too much continuously it heats up. Its same like when we work too much we are tired and need some rest likewise heating up of a mobile phone is a sign that it needs some rest now and needs to cool down for a bit. The infinix Hot 4 pro has over heating issues and it heats up sometimes without any reason and when it heats up the battery also drains rapidly.

Overheating Phone

Infinix Hot 4 Pro Overheating Solution

Do not use the mobile phone when it’s on charging. When charging let it charge to its limit and then use it.

If you are watching a video on YouTube or any other app/site then lower the resolution, I know it seems a lot better to watch in HD but we don’t want the phone to be overheated so lower the resolution and it will not do anything wrong.

U can perform Factory data reset if the problem still arises because there are some errors sometimes that can only be deleted by factory data reset.

Brightness Problem

Many users have reported that the brightness level of this model is very low and even in sunlight they can’t use their phones. When they watch a video it automatically comes down to the minimum level.

Solutions/Fixes of Brightness Problem

You need to upgrade to the latest software version, Sometimes an update comes and we keep delaying it because we don’t have time to update it but it’s wrong when the update come do it right away and you will never face an issue. Once updated, see if the problem still arises, if it does then download an app called Lux Auto brightness from play store. You can control your brightness from there. It’s one of the best applications for brightness settings.

Windows 10 does not Recognize Device

Some users have told that when they upgraded to windows 10 suddenly they could not connect their phones to the computer but when they connected to some other computer having some other windows it identifies it properly.

Solutions/Fixes Windows 10 USB Issue with Infinix Hot 4 Pro

Enable USB debugging mode on by following this path; Settings->Developer options-> USB Debugging. I am sure this will resolve the issue.

Mobile Data Connectivity Issue

It has been reported by some users that when they use some applications on wifi they work fine but when they use mobile data for the same application the application lags and does not work.

How to Fix Mobile Data Connectivity Issue Infinix Hot 4 Pro

You need to change your APN settings for this;you can do that by going into SETTINGS->APN. Change the APN protocol from whatever there is written to IPv4 or IPv4/IPV6.

Notifications get Cleared Automatically

There are many reports that the notifications of Infinix hot 4 pro get deleted automatically. This is not a major issue and can be solved by following a simple method.

Solutions / How to Fix

Disable Hibernation from battery under settings. And this will do the work. You can also select which from which application you want to receive the notifications on priority basis from here.

Connectivity Issues

In infinix hot 4 pro sometimes the wifi disconnects and does not turn on or connects afterwards, Solutions for this are;

How to Fix / Solution

  • Turn off the WiFi device and turn it on again, Restart the router.
  • Disable any type of power saving mode that is turned on in your mobile phone.
  • Make sure that the MAC address of your PC is recognized by the router.

Bluetooth Issues

There are many users who have reported that the Bluetooth of this device/model does not work sometimes and they are not able to send/receive files from other devices.


Turn the Bluetooth off and unpair all the devices and turn it on then. Once turned on pair the device again. Sometimes there are some devices which are paired for too long and need to restart their Bluetooth connectivity. Restart the phone if the problem still arises.

SD Card remains Undetected

When SD is inserted, many users have noticed that the device shows that there is not SD card inserted.


Click on EJECT when the card is inserted then remove the card and insert it again and this will do the job. You can also format the card if the problem still arises.

Unresponsive Touchscreen in Infinix Hot 4 Pro

Many users of infinix hot 4 pro have noticed and gave reviews about it that the phone sometimes has unresponsive touch and lags very much.

How to fix Unresponsive Touchscreen of Infinix Hot 4 Pro

Restart the phone and see if the problem still arises.

There can be a software problem make sure you are on the latest version of the OS installed and if not then upgrade it.

Reset the phone if the problem still arises.

All the common issues are discussed above and solution for them are given too. I hope your problems and issues are now solved.

If you have any questions in mind then comment below in the comment sections. Write down your experiences with this device also.


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