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Latest Cheats and Hacks for Pokémon Go 2018

In this article we are going to describe the cheats and hacks for the POKEMON GO game which is a reality based game. This game is actually good for health as people have to get up from their beds and stop being lazy and start to walk around and search for POKEMONS because only by finding the POKEMONS you get the points. POkiKEMON GO has earned way too much in the past few months as it was one of the most major hit of this year. The application became so viral that almost everyone was downloading and playing it.

There are two ways of playing this game, one is the legal way by which you will have to get up and stop being lazy because to find the Pokémon’s you have to go out and search for them. The other one is to hack it in some way and play while laying on bed or resting on a sofa. The hacking one is the one way about which we are going to discuss in this article.

Latest Cheats and Hacks for Pokémon Go 2018

In this article we are going to provide you with every possible way of hacking the game or applying cheat codes on it so you can benefit it in every way possible, but make sure that we are not responsible for anything that might go wrong. You could also lose all your game-play data if something goes wrong with

There are many ways of hacking or applying cheat codes, some of them are given below:

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1: Faking Location:

By faking location or Spoofing we mean to download some authorized applications that merge with the actual location and makes the phone thinks that you are at a different place than your actual location. It makes the phone thinks that you are at a different place which is quite good for the game; you do not have to walk around for the Pokémon’s. You just have to select the location and poof, you will be there. You can confirm the following act of spoofing the location by opening the Google maps and check your current location. If your location matches with the actual one then make some amendments in the application but if it shows the area of where you specified in the application then you have got it.

2: Butting:

Butting is very easy and it is just like spoofing, what butting mean is that you can catch the very high level Pokémon’s without even searching for them that hard because it allows you to have the exact location of some of the most powerful and high class Pokémon’s which are not that easy to be found in the legal way. This butting feature is attached to online maps from where it finds out the actual location of Pokémon’s. Since there are many accounts now, it may slow down or be even a little hard to work but still it is a great feature.

3: Multi-Accounting:

This feature is also very useful for the ones who know about it. People use multi accounts these days so that they can learn the more and more locations of the Pokémon’s. When the GYM power level goes down, they switch to different accounts so that they do not have to wait for the GYM power to increase and get back on track. This here is also a very useful task but only some people use it because by multi accounting you lose the gym power a lot.

4: Cycling:

Sometimes people who do not want to earn their way up to gym powers simply change the accounts and kill the new account’s power to generate it again so that they do not have to value the gym power of the first account. This is also a very useful technique but risky at the same time as you could lose your data because cycling allows you to use 2 accounts at a time but the game play can show only one and it they collapse there would be an APP NOT RESPONDING notification which can destroy all the data that was saved in your game play and if it is lost you will have to start all over again, so think well before starting it.

5: Auto-IV checkers:

This bans the feature of playing with two accounts at a single time, because it is also dangerous as if the accounts get banned you will not be able to see them ever again so make sure that you use a single one if you want your game play data to remain saved because if that is lost you will have to play it all again to reach the level on which you were.

Save yourself from the Raids

If you want to save yourself from the raids then follow the below technique because a raid can destroy your everything if it’s powerful. If you are on a very high class level then you could lose everything with just a simple raid.

If you have a feeling for a raid:

1: Create a new team

2: play with it for some time.

3: Wait for the raid to happen.

4: Move to your actual team.

What this will do is that it will not let the raid happen on your actual team but the team you just made, the new one. It will break down but it does not matter because the actual one is right on track. Before every raid do this one trick and you will be saved forever?

Kick a Pokémon:

There are many times you just want to kick a Pokémon out of your team because you just don’t want it anymore in your team, there is this simple trick by following which you can kick an even high class powerful Pokémon out of your team:

1: Pick a gym battle with the players you want.

2: While you are playing a gym battle, the player one and player two leave the gym with only player 3 left.

3: The ones who left make a new gym battle among themselves.

4: Now the 1st player has to drop out as the player 2 keeps playing.

5: The 1st player has to join the new battle with the player 3rd.

6: Now all the players have to end the gym battle at the same time

This will allow the Pokémon to lose and leave because the others two wanted that. You can also leave the time during this if you want and if you leave the team all the players are against each other now.

Remove the Catch Animation:

If you want to remove the catch animation just follow this simple and easy task, because many people hate it when they have to wait and watch the animation when they want to catch the Pokémon because waiting for something you know you can have is very difficult.

1: Click on the Pokémon which you want to catch in your league.

2: You will find a ball selector, swipe it down with your hand and have the ball ready to throw.

3: Throw the ball at the Pokémon you want to catch with a swipe at the Pokémon.

4: Just when the ball touches the Pokémon which means you have almost caught the Pokémon, leave it and lift your hand or finger with which you were throwing the ball.

5: Click on the EXIT button.

Congratulations, you have successfully caught the Pokémon without watching the animation.

Dodge the Driving Lockout:

Pokémon go does not let people use the application or play it while driving which is very good but not for the passengers as if you are on the passenger seat sitting quietly and you want to play some of it you won’t be able to because the application will still think that you are driving while you are not and this is pretty bad that you just cannot play it while driving or I mean even while sitting as a passenger. There is a way of solving that is pretty easy but it’s not legal as it will then allow you play it while driving also not only while sitting as a passenger so make sure that you do this at your own risk.

1:  While the application is open, go to the egg corner and press home button while you are driving. Now wait for a few seconds and drive a short distance which will let the application think that you have stopped driving and open it afterwards, now this is very easy but some people have said that it worked for them, just a glitch so try it out.

2: If you have apple watch, then open the POKEMON GO WORKOUT and find a slow transportation, it does not better what it is just find a slower one or a slow driver or just ask the driver to drive slow and while sitting as a passenger just pat you arm up and down which will make the device think you are running. It will work afterwards.

We hope many of these tips and tricks worked out for you do leave a comment below about your experience with these.


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