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LG Stylo 4 Common Problems and their Solutions

Here we are going to discuss LG Stylo 4 Common problems / issues and their solutions & fixes, LG is a world popular name when it comes to electronic device like smart-phones etc. This famous company has released many great phones in the past and is still running and still launching and releasing some great phones but every phone has some minor issues and some minor faults which are manufacturing faults.

In this article we are going to discuss the problems and issue with the LG Stylo 4 as it has been reported by majority of the users, LG Stylo 4 has many problems which need to be solved, so we are going to discuss and give details on the problems and issue on this LG Stylo 4 android smart phone mobile and we will also provide the solutions to every problem so read the instructions below accordingly.

LG Stylo 4 Common Problems and their Solutions

LG Stylo 4 Issues and Their Solutions

1: Unexpectedly Shutting Down:

This model ‘Stylo 4’ of LG has some specifications, and it was a major hit when it was launched. It became very popular right after it was released. One of the major issues is that this device shuts down un-expectedly, which means that even if you are using the LG Stylo 4 and not doing anything which might cause the device to shut down, the device will shut down without any reason. This is a very major issue as even if the user is on an important or a meeting call or doing something very important on their smart-phone as reading an important e-mail, the LG Stylo 4 shuts down without any reason which is really annoying. Now there are some solutions to this problem which might remove this issue from your smart-phone. Follow the instructions below to solve this issue:


1: Make sure that none of the application is causing this to happen as there are many application which get a bug and then keep on ruining our lives as the bug or the error keeps disturbing us, if you find it which application is causing this then clear its data to have better results or even delete the application which will completely remove the error / bug.

2: If he problem still exists then you might need to factory reset your LG Stylo 4 android smart phone mobile as factory resetting the LG Stylo 4 removes and wipes out all the data which will completely remove the error and the bug which is a lot better because you won’t need to specifically find the application in which the error exists. By this step you could completely remove the errors and bugs which will solve the problem.

2: Frozen Screen:

This is a major issue as when you are using a LG Stylo 4 and suddenly you touch the screen to do something and find out that the display has been stuck and you have to wait the response because the screen is stuck and now you cannot perform any task until the screen gets back in action, this is really annoying and for this there are some solutions which you need to follow in order to remove this issue completely.

How to Fix Frozen Screen Issue on your LG Stylo 4:

1: Many of the users have suggested that the INSTAGRAM application has been the reason behind this because whenever the users disable the INSTAGRAM they do not this happening again, try it out and let us know in the comments section if INSTAGRAM was the reason your LG Stylo 4 was facing this issue, if not then carry on with the next solution.

2: Clear out the application data which might solve the issue as sometimes clearing out the applications data and clearing out its cache files removes the error because the application was in a lot of pressure by containing these much files.

3: Try resetting your device, sometimes the error cannot be found and if you do not know which application is causing this to happen, you will have factory reset your LG Stylo 4, make a complete backup of your device so that your pictures and other important stuff is safe then factory reset your device which will cause the error /bug to be removed which will stop your device’s display from getting stuck.

3: Applications will open Slow:

Sometimes, the application of the LG Stylo 4 run very slow, when you click on the application, it should open right away which it does but sometimes in this device, the application not only takes up-to more than 15 seconds but more than 15 seconds sometime which is really annoying and the screen remains stuck until the application is opened. This is the issue with the processor as it gets the commands right away but functions onto it very late which is not good and really annoying. The problem with the processor can be resolved by following some solutions written below:


1: Make sure that you have cleared the RAM because when there is a lot pressure on the RAM, the processor works a lot slower so it is better if you clear out the ram after some time because clearing out the ram will also keep the RAM up to date as it will get cleaned after some time. Follow the next solution if this solution does not work out for you because not every solution works for everyone.

2: First figure out which is the application that opens the slowest because when you find out exactly which application it is, you need to clear out the cache of that application by going into settings and then go into the applications bar from where you can do so.

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4: Apps Crashing:

Sometimes the application in this LG Stylo 4 keeps on crashing, whenever you use the application for some time it crashes and you have to open it again and when you open it you see that the previous data is saved which means you lost everything which you were doing

Fix App Crashing Issue on LG Stylo 4

1:  Go to the settings of your LG Stylo 4, and open the applications bar and then click on the application which was opening slowly, then clear out its cache files and also click on the CLEAR DATA which will delete the old files containing the error.

2: Update the application.

3: Delete and re-install the application.

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Leave Your Comments Below About the Experience You Had After Trying the Solutions, and if you have any other problem or issue on your smartphone then please tell us in comments, we will try to solve your problem asap.


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