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LG V10 Problems and their Solutions?

LG V10 is a good android smart phone device but it has some problems but don’t worry because here we are going to tell you all the problems and their solutions / fixes here. LG is a very old flagship of smart phones and since then it has released many models but what’s great about it is that most of the models have may factory or we can say manufacturing faults due to which LG has been dropped to a low level Smartphone flagship now.

There are many devices with much different kind of issues, today in this article we are going to describe the issues and solutions of the problems in the LG V10 which was a major hit at some point but now a day’s everyone has come to know about the issues that LG V10 has.

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There are many problems with this specific model so read the list below about the problem and their solutions:

LG V10 Problems and their Solutions?

1: Screen Flickering:

There are many issues with this model but one of its main issue is that it flickers the screen which means that the display of the device keeps blinking in a certain way that it is unable to use at certain times which is a very big issue as if the device would be unable to use then how is it possible to keep the device. This is why people change their devices when this happens in the LG V10, now there are some solutions to this problem by following them you might resolve this issue, if not permanently it might get solved for some temporary time.


1: Some of the users have said that there is the PayPal application which causes this issue, sometimes the application has some error which causes the whole phone to be misbalanced so just remove that application and it might solve your problem of screen flickering.

2: If the PayPal application is not the one causing this issue, then it might be some other application, make a complete backup of your data other than applications, then reset your device and reset it with the backup you made before, make sure that none of the applications those were installed before gets re-installed, this might resolve the issue, if the issue is still not resolved then there might be some hardware dis-functioning.

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2: Finger Scanner not working:

There is also a problem with the fingerprint of the LG V10 as the finger sensor stops working at the most times which is a serious issue because fingerprint scanner is the most common sensor now a days and everyone do use it, which means that if you place your finger and it does not work at certain times, it will be really annoying because not everyone likes to enter password now a days.


1: Just update the software f your device, and it will fix the fingerprint scanner because it is just a bug and the bug fixes are available in the future update, if you do not want to wait for the update then manually update the device by downloading the software and manually installing it by the recovery mode on your LG V10.

2: Some users have explained that installing the fingerprint scanners again will make it working again because sometimes there is some residue left when you are entering your fingerprint for the first time, so just make sure that you place your finger again and add the fingerprint in the settings again which will make it work. Clean the fingerprint scanner properly so there is no dust particle or some residue left over there.

3: Display from top Screen stops working:

One if the main issue is that the touch from the upper side of the display stops working which is very annoying at times, because most of the time when you are wanting to go back and click the back arrow but the touch from there does not work. This is also some bug which is very annoying but this is something main as it runs the issue in the touch display of the screen which is not commonly possible.


1: Many users have told that this is being caused by the face book messenger application and there is some bug the device is not able to handle so delete the application and see if anything happens or the touch starts to work.

2: If removing the face book messenger does not seem to work then you might have to remove all the applications and download one by one to see which one is causing the issue because this is only caused by a bug attached with some application, so reset your phone and re-install the applications and this issue will be solved in no time.

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4: Device Switching from WIFI to cellular automatically:

1: There is also this issue with the LG V10 that it keeps on switching from WIFI to Cellular automatically and for no particular reason. When it comes to the bugs that would might cause this issue, it might have some but there can be a hardware issue too by which the device thinks that the WIFI signals are weak and converts it to cellular for better connectivity which is not the case as there are not less signal or any kind of signal issue with the WIFI but it still keeps doing it.


1: You can turn the Avoid Bad Connections OFF and it might solve the issue but even if still does that then see solution 2.

2: Some users have said that after even trying for so long this still keeps happening which means that it is a hardware issue which cannot be resolved by a common person only a high tech mechanic who is approved from the company can solve this issue because the local ones do not have any idea these days and only ruin your device instead of repairing it properly, so make sure that if you want to solve this issue then contact a proper authentic mechanic who is able to solve this issue.

If you have any questions regarding this article then leave a comment below and we will try to answer it as soon as possible.


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