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Motorola Moto Z Common Problems and their Fixes

Motorola Moto Z is a great smartphone, and was selling because of its good specs and good rate. It has been one of the best smartphones in the Moto category by Motorola. Although it is a great and powerful smartphone but everything has its own liabilities and it is the same with this smartphone, everything is great but there are some issues / problems in this smartphone which are common and every user faces it. So in this article we are going to describe how to manage and fix Motorola Moto Z Common problems / issues so that you won’t face them again. Follow the instructions below of every problem and you will be able to solve them in no time.

Display Issue

Motorola Moto Z Common Problems and their Fixes

The number one problem of Motorola Moto Z is display issues, it stops working and most of the time it lags a lot. This is a very major issue because without the display we are not able to use the smartphone. The display sometimes does not respond which is very wrong as for the device of this status. Some of the solutions of this issue are written below.

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Solutions / Fix:

1: Sometimes these issues are removed when we delete everything from the Motorola Moto Z smartphone, so you may need to wipe out the entire phone, which means factory data reset the smartphone, do this and see the results.

2: This issue can also be related to the animation scale, so enable the developer options by tapping on the build number under about phone for more than  5 times and it will enable the developer options, Then see the animation scale, transition scale and set everything to 1X, this might solve your issue in your android smart phone.

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Sound Problems

Weird Pop sounds and snap sounds before speaker come into use, speakers of this smartphone “Motorola Moto Z” are very sensitive, although they are sensitive of every smartphone but in this model they need special care. Speakers are problematic in such a way that it will give out weird sounds before playing the actual material.

Solutions / Fix:

1: This is one of the most common problems of this Motorola Moto Z device, and it is for sure that this problem will soon have some factory solution by Motorola.

2: Try to reboot your smartphone; there might be some error in the software of the speaker which is causing this to happen. Rebooting your phone fixes a lot of issues, so try it on this one too.

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Notification Sound Problems

The sound of the notifications is very low and because of this issue, Motorola Moto Z users are unable to know when there is some new notification. Ringtones start with a delay, which means the person has been calling but you get to know about it after some time which is very annoying.

Notification Sound Problems Fix

1: The ringtone issue is with the Escalating ring, which cannot be disabled from the settings so you need to install a third party application to disable it, search on play store for it.

2: Make sure that your Motorola Moto Z android smart phone device is updated because there is news that the updated version will have solved this issue. So make sure that you keep updating your software because the update will solve this issue for sure.


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