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Pokemon Go Fly Gps New Hack 2018

Fly GPS is used to play Pokémon Go without going anywhere. When playing Pokémon Go, to catch the Pokémon’s you have to go for a walk which is on one side good for health as it makes you walk outside but some people just don’t want to go outside just to play a game, this application is made for those people who want to sit around their house and play this game because not everyone wants to go outside to just play a game. With this application, you can relax at home and play the game without going for a walk. Just follow the steps given below and install the application and set some of the things according to the method given in the steps below.

You need to consider some things first:

1: Make sure that your smartphone has minimum 2GB of ram.

1: Make sure that you use a smartphone which has GPS enabled.

How to download and use on Pokemon Go Game

You can download and install the Fly Gps from this link, Download Fly GPS

make sure that you download the latest version of it as it is very important to only download the latest one because the latest versions are bug free of every software. Always search for the most updated version.

  1. Download and install the Pokemon Go from the play store or however you like to install it in your smartphone. You can also install it by APK method from Google, just search on Google for the Pokémon Go APK and it will start the download after you click on the download button from any site then enable the ‘’UNKNOWN SOURCES’’ option from settings and install the application.
  2. Download FAKE GPS from this following link Download Fly GPS,  and install it. You can also search on Google for the latest version of application or search on Play Store.
  3. Install the FAKE GPS in your smartphone, this may take some time so be patient.
  4. Enable developer option in your smartphone, by tapping on the build number under about phone in settings more than 5 times.
  5. Select mock location from developer option, and select ‘’’’.
  6. Enable the GPS of your device and the accuracy to its highest; because the accuracy is very important for the GPS, when set to its highest point, it gives out good result.
  7. Open the ‘’Fake GPS application’’ and set the location you want, it should be the location of where you want to play the game.
  8. Select the ‘’GPS service run’’ from the main menu.
  9. Select ‘’Joystick mode Pokémon’’ from the new menu which will pop-up.
  10. Now you can launch the Pokémon go and play it while relaxing at home without needing to go outside.

Congratulations, you can now play the game without needing to go outside and walk for a while to catch the Pokémon’s.

Leave a comment below and describe about your experience with this application.


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