How to root Oppo A71 without PC

How to root your Oppo A71 without using Pc or laptop, this is very easy to do it, if you don’t know the method then don’t worry about it, here I am giving a very simple guide you should to follow this guide and do it, it is very easy just follow my guide line.

Some features of oppo A71 smartphone

This device has Display of 5.20-inch screen along 1.5Ghz octa-core processor, it has 5 mega pixel front camera and 13 megapixels back. It has 3 GB of Ram and has a storage of 16 GB.

Advantages of rooting your device:

There is no disadvantage of rooting your device, A big advantage of rooting your device as now you can enjoy all the features of your device, you can enjoy all the hidden feature you can install any app on it.

It will block all the app in any app, it boosts your mobile battery lifestyles, spend away pre-installed crap-ware.

Special Notes

First of all, make sure that you have a 70% or above battery level, it is very important because if your device battery life has less, and in the middle of operation your device turns off it’ll may interrupt your device so keep battery life greater,

Backup your data, don’t worry it will not lose your data but it is better,switch off antivirus whenever you maintain gotten.

How to Root Oppo A71 Without PC & Laptop

  1. First of all, you should to download an app for it, here is the link in this link the app is available you should to download it,link
  2. After the downloading of this app install it in your device, when you install it in your device it appears in your device you can see now it menu,
  3. Now just follow the instruction, and do it by yourself in a very simple way,
  4. Now just wait for a moment It will take a couple of time,
  5. When 100% complete after then reboot your device
  6. Now you just finish your operation by following my guide.

If you want to check your smart phone that it is either rooted or not, then you can in very simpler way just go to google play store and download any root checker app.

How to root Oppo A71 with Pc or Laptop

  1. Download root software from the link available here, and install it in your computer or laptop
  2. Connect your device to your PC using USB cable.
  3. Bustle the Exe file.
  4. Click the foundation button from perchance the most principal window.
  5. Anticipate the it to set up.

That’s now your completed your operation, may my guide is very help full for you, now enjoy all the new and hidden features of your device, Keep visiting our site keep smile on your face.


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