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Samsung Galaxy J6 Common Problems and their Solutions

In this article we are going to provide you the details on the problems and issues and solutions / fixes also that you have to go through if you are using the Galaxy J6 because many of the users have reported that they have to go through a lot of common problems while using this mode, and we were getting a lot of demands on writing this article so we are going to provide you the details on what the problem you have to go through is what are the solutions for it because there are many solutions for every problem out there on the internet but not every solutions works so follow these solutions to solve the issue that you are facing.

Common Problems of Samsung Galaxy J6

Samsung Galaxy J6 Common Problems and their Solutions

1: Battery Draining Fast

This issue arrives in many models, but Galaxy J6 has this issue from the starting as this issue is with the battery, that’s why it is a serious one as if there an issue with the battery, then you will be unable to use the smart-phone unless you either solve the problem or change the battery because battery will drain and keep on draining, you will be always charging the phone, or will be carrying a power-bank all the time so follow the solutions below to solve this issue:

Solution / Fixes of Battery Draining Issue

1: if you have installed any of the particular battery saving application, then you will have to delete them as soon as possible because instead of making the battery better, it makes them worst which is not good, so just un-install them as soon as possible.

2: Make sure that you are using genuine cable and adapter to charge the phone because sometimes, the genuine one gets lost or gets broken and we buy the local one thinking it does the same job which is wrong, the local and fake ones destroy the battery in the worst way possible, so make sure to use the genuine accessories with your smart-phone.

3: Many users have reported that the FACEBOOK application is making the battery drain a lot faster which is very annoying, so delete the face-book application as soon as possible and start using the face-book on your computer or on the web of your smart-phone which will use a lot of less battery life.

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2: Samsung Galaxy J6 Lags and is Slow

There comes this issue when the smart-phones becomes a little bit old, then it becomes slow or the processor becomes weak which solved and does the tasks a bit slower than usual. This issue keeps arising to a lot of a bigger level if you do nothing about it, as the phone starts to become slower and slower if you do nothing about it, so follow the instructions below in the solutions which might help you in solving this issue:

How to Fix Lagging in J6 (Solutions)

1: If you feel that you smart-phone is beginning to be slow and is lagging on some part, then quickly reboot your device which will turn off everything and the processor will shut down then restart itself causing every small bug or error to go away which will make the device work a lot better than before.

2: Clear out the RAM after every 4-5 minutes of usage because the RAM carries all the data and should be refreshed after a short while to keep the RAM updates, just close all the windows or application then start the one you want to use. You can also download some particular applications for this purpose as there are a lot of applications names as RAM CLEANERS on the PLAY STORE.

3: You can also Factory Data Reset your device because sometimes, there are some major error and bugs in your device which can only be removed by factory resetting your device, to factory data reset your device, you will have to go into SETTINGS and then GENERAL then click on the factory data reset option and your device will start to factory reset itself.

4: This is the last option as this is a risky task, if you think nothing is helping you then you can always root your device and install a bunch of tweaks which will help your CPU performance to rise up as there are many tweaks which are very helpful in making the device work and perform a lot better than before.

Samsung Galaxy J6 problems

4: Samsung Galaxy J6 Heating Issues

There are a lot of heating issues in this device; many users have reported that if you keep using the device for some time, you will feel that your device will start heating up which is very annoying. As sometimes you use the device for some time and if it starts heating up than you will have to change the device because sometimes you are on a meeting call you spend a lot of time on the cal and you will not want it to start heating up.

Galaxy J6 Overheating Problem’s Solution

1: Make sure that you do not overcharge the smart-phone as overcharging the smart-phone causes it to overheat or the battery can even explode as if the battery is on constant charging even when the battery is fully charged, it can explode. So make sure that you do not overcharge the battery which will cause this issue.

2: Genuine cable and adapter is the thing for it because the local ones are fake and faulty. Make sure that you use only the original cable and the original adapter because only the genuine ones work fine and the fake or the local ones disconnect in between and charge slow. They are also the cause of heating up of the smart-phone. This is why it is advised that you use only the original accessories for you smart-phone which is quite expensive. Spend a few extra bucks on the charger so that you get proper charging.

3: Do not use the smart-phone while it is charging as this can also cause the smart-phone to over-heat.

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