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Top Custom ROM’s for Moto G4 Play Nougat and Oreo

In this article we are going to describe how to install the custom ROM in the MOTO G4 PLAY for Nougat and Oreo. There are many custom ROM’s out there on the internet which have different high quality features. Every ROM has his own features, we are going to describe how you can apply any kind of ROM you like on your device by some very easy steps, but keep in mind that everything you are going to do is risky.


Steps to Install custom ROM on Moto G4 Play Nougat and Oreo


Top Custom ROM’s for Moto G4 Play Nougat and Oreo

1: Make sure that your device’s boot-loader is unlocked and if not then unlock it first by searching the guide on Google.

2: Make sure that your device is charged above the 50 to 60 percent level as if the device turns off due to battery, you would simply lose your smartphone because it will be bricked.

3: Make sure that you have rooted your device and installed the TWRP package because without them you will not be able to install the Custom ROM’S as these need a rooted device with TWRP package installed.

Steps by Step Guide to Install the Custom ROMs

1: First you have to download the ROM you want to install in your smartphone and then you would be able to apply the ROM.

For Oreo, search for the ROM from the following link.

For Nougat, search for the ROM from the following link.

2: Now that you have downloaded the file, you just need to install it on your device, Download the ROM and place it on your desktop.

3: Enable the USB debugging from the settings, which will enable the transfer and connecting purpose from the computer to the smartphone.

4: Connect your smartphone to the computer by using an original USB cable and make sure that it is not faulty because it will disconnect in between the transfer and you will have to do the whole process again.

5: Now transfer the ROM into the internal memory of your smartphone.

6: Turn the device off and run it into the TWRP recovery mode by pressing and holding the POWER and HOME and VOLUME UP button and you device will be started into the TWRP recovery mode.

7: Now click on install.

8: Search for the ROM you wanted to install and transferred in your smartphone.

9: Now click on ok and it will start the installation process.

This may take time, because the installation process prepares a lot of files which takes time. Be patient and when done, your device will automatically restart and after the restart you will see that the custom ROM has been installed in your device without any further steps.

Leave a comment below about your experience about this procedure.


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